Summay of my 2011
Got offered for 2 jobs on Jan
Got a new job in the big company
Singapore trip for training and meeting 4 times
Hong kong trip on mid July with Amarageddon
Korea trip for YG concert on Dec 1-6
Sweden trip to Almhult for training Dec 12-16
Copenhagen in 1 and a half day
Paris trip by chance Dec 18-20
Got the special job, damn tiring but make a lot of money
Got Bonus and gift from the company
No serious money problem this year
Have a good team in my work and meet the funny people there
Sick every month (but fortunately the company paid for me)
When I was slimmer, I was sick again
The close colleagues continue leave the company
See no career path here -- then I need to struggle again in the next 2 years
2012 Resolution
Have a meal not over 800-1000 Kcal per day
Quit eating snacks, chocolate and candies especially milk tea!
Go to fitness every week
Walk more, eat less, No buffet!
-- To lose more than 6 kg within one year --
To be more energetic and focus on work to make it better and less error in my job
Pay less for clothes and fashion things
-- To reduce my credit card debts --
Start a new business
Improve my business English writing and speaking skill
Write blog more frequent
Send my work before deadline




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